What Is Machinery? You Should Know…

What Is Machinery You Should Know...

What is machinery?

Machinery refers to specific machines or machines in general. A farmer has lots of farm machinery, like tractors and plows. Machinery is also the inner workings of something — the machinery of a society is how a society works.

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What Is Machinery?

The phrase “machinery” can be used to describe a collection of machines, such as the equipment in a factory or a lab. It can also refer to a specific machine’s internal mechanisms, such as the equipment that powers your computer. How something operates or works is related to machinery. A part of society’s machinery includes the government, the media, business, and family. The word machinery originally referred to the devices used for creating stage effects in the theater.

What Is Machinery You Should Know...
What Is Machinery? You Should Know…

Machinery Synonyms 

  • agency, 
  • agent, 
  • instrument, 
  • instrumentality, 
  • means, 
  • medium, 
  • ministry, 
  • organ, 
  • vehicle

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Examples Of Machinery In A Sentence

 Some of the mill’s machinery was damaged in the fire. a piece of farm machinery Something was clogging the machinery. The United Nations has set up machinery for mediation.


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